Can I visit the DinoPark without visiting the ZOO?

Unfortunately not. Our DinoPark is situated in the area of the ZOO without its own access. The ticket to the ZOO includes also entry to the DinoPark.

Is DinoPark suitable for small children?

Absolutely! It is possible that small children will be afraid a bit of a giant Tyrannosaurus, but it’s certainly nothing really terrible… A playground with many attractions and also other models than carnivorous dinosaurs (Maiasaura with youngs in the nest etc.) are ideal for small children.

Are dogs allowed to the DinoPark?

Unfortunately not. The DinoPark is situated in the middle of the ZOO where dogs are not allowed.

How much are the parking and toilet fees?

None, there are no hidden fees in DinoPark. For parking use the parking place at the main entrance to ZOO  – see GPS coordinates in the section “How to get to DinoPark”.

Are there any group reductions?

No, the prices are identical for individuals, as well as for the groups.

Do we have to book our time of entrance for school trips?

No, the capacity of DinoPark and ZOO is sufficient. Just come in our opening hours.

Do teachers pay entrance fee when accompanying a school class?

No. The escort of a school trip is free of charge (1-2 teachers per one class).